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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We have an Associate's Degree and a broken arm

So much time has passed since I last posted. That is what happens when things get hectic. I have been working hard to get my last two classes done! I finished both of them on Mother's Day. I ended up with a B- in both classes but I am happy. I have now officially completed my Associate's degree. I have also decided I am taking a year off before starting on my Bachelors. I have applied for a few part-time jobs since Bianca will hopefully be starting preschool in the fall.

There has been a ton of stuff going on with the move as well. We have decided not to move to Louisiana this year. We will reevaluate next year. We are still moving though. This house has to be sold and it looks like we will not be buying it. This are just not working out. God must have a different path for us. I have found a few other houses I like that would be much cheaper but I do not know if we can get either one of them. If not we will rent for a year as we continue to straighten out our credit. I think that will be better anyway because we haven't decided to stay in Vermont permanently.

On to the broken arm. Yes, I know that is what everyone has been waiting to hear about. Bianca broke her arm. I know everyone was probably expecting Jimmy to break a bone first but the honor is going to his little sister. Jimmy decided that going down our side hill in a wagon sounded like fun and being the nice big brother he is, he let Bianca try it first. The wagon flipped, Bianca fell and landed badly. The break is on the growth plate of her humerus. The whole bottom part of the bone broke off and shifted up. She was taken to the hospital by ambulance and operated on within an hour or so. I have to give a huge shout out to Southern Vermont Medical Center. The emergency room doctor, nurses, surgeon and x-ray techs are all amazing. Bianca is doing well and is very excited to get a purple cast when the pins come out in a few weeks.