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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Fun at the Lake

Today Jimmy had a baseball tournament over in Readsboro. He rode over with his coach. I wasn't sure what to do with Bianca so I went and picked up her BFF. These girls have been friends since preschool. They are heading into 2nd grade in the fall and will be in the same class again. I guess the teachers know a good combo when they see one.

Since it was another hot day I decided to take the girls to the lake. I got some amazing photos. One of my Mother's Day presents from Jay was a Nikon D3200. I am still learning all the ropes but I love the camera.  I also got a bit of a sunburn. I guess I missed a few spots with the sunscreen.

As for the tournament, Jimmy's team took 3rd. I was extremely impressed. The teams they were playing were older, all-star teams. Jimmy had a great time and his coach was happy with how he well he behaved. The last game he was batting .750. She said he also made some good fielding plays.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Sleepover fun

Recently my kids have discovered the fun of sleepovers. Bianca went to her first sleepover at the end of last summer and has been loving them ever since. I think we have either had a extra child sleeping here or have lost a child to a sleepover every week in the last month. Thankfully both kids have a close circle of friends where I really like the kids and trust the parents.

Last night Bianca had one of her good friends over after the girl's spa birthday party. I wish that I had thought to have someone sleepover with Jimmy too. It is actually easier to have both kids have a friend. This morning the girls were having a blast making themselves mustaches and then dressing up as princesses.