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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy father's day to all the fathers out there. Most importantly happy father's day to my husband. You are a truly awesome father. Your kids adore you and so do I. You make all of us feel loved and safe. You are supportive and provide for us. The kids and I love you more than you can ever imagine. I hope you have an awesome day.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

All things girly

So I have never been a girly girl. Don't get me wrong. I love pink and flowers but to the outside world I am more of a tomboy. I am going to try and make a bit of a new start. I have always wished I was one of those girls with the perfect nails and hair. The ones that wear make-up everyday and just looked pulled together. The ones with entire collections of shoes and purses. Instead I am the one in track pants with my hair in a pony-tail who constantly bites her nails. The one whose shoe collection consists of a pair of sneakers, a pair of sandals and a pair of crocs. I have a few purses but none are very pretty or stylish with the exception of the berry colored one my g-ma just got me. (Thanks Gram!)

So as soon as I have a few extra dollars I am going to get some pretty nail polish, a few new pairs of shoes and a new purse (and thanks to the bargain hunters board I know just the one. In fact I may even get the giraffe and zebra print.). I am going to actually start wearing some of the make -up I own and doing my hair. Here is to the new girly me! My outside is going to start matching my inside. Wish me luck girls! Now I just need to get a handle on the nail biting.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Loving the Wii

So we finally got a Wii! About time right. Everyone else and their brother has one. Now I need to figure out which fitness game I want for it. There is Wii Fit, EA Sports Active, My Fitness Coach, Jillian Michael's Fitness Ultimatum... I am sure there are even more out there that I haven't stumbled across. So help me choose. What do you have and what do love/hate about it? Is there any separate equipment? What will help me lose weight and get fit the quickest? What can I do without accidentally hitting, kicking or falling on a kid (since one is always under my feet!)?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cowardly bitches

Wow, their really are some cowardly bitches on the interwebz (thanks Holl'eigh for this word). It is disgusting that there is an entire sight devoted to tearing other moms down. It is sad that some people that are supposed to be mothers have enough time on their hands to steal someones pictures and write a nasty secret about them. If your life is so pathetic that you have nothing better to do you really need to go find a fucking hobby. I would say go spend some time with your kids but I am thinking that they are better off without your influence. To all the people that had hurtful things written about you I love you girls! You are wonderful mommies, great friends and beautiful people. To the bitches that love to tear others down just remember you reap what you sow. Don't be surprised when karma comes around to bite you in the ass and no one is there for you. That is what happens when you are a fake.