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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Friday, May 17, 2013

Exciting things are happening

Usually after a long hiatus I blog about how much I suck at blogging. I am going to try something different this time. This time I am going to blog about all the exciting things that are going on in my life right now. Two of them will have a long term impact on my life. I am hoping they both have a positive impact but one could go either way.

1. J got a new job! Well, a promotion really. He is now the manager of the bell/valet department. This means 40/week plus benefits and a higher wage. He is still hourly so he will also get overtime. I am so proud of him. He has worked his butt off for the last two years and it has really paid off. If you ask him he practically owns the mountain.

2. We have to move. The house we rent is being sold. It has been a good, cheap place for us to live well we recovered from some financial blows. That said, I am a bit glad. We are looking into buying right now. I only hope that we can find a new place before we have to vacate this one.

3. This will have no long term impact but GORDON RAMSEY is in our town. Technically, not our town but the one next to it where both J and I work. He is filming an episode of Hotel Hell about a local inn. While filming he is staying where J works. J has met him and said he is very nice and laid back. I am hoping to meet him soon. I love Chef Ramsey and have been a huge fan of The F Word, Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares (and the American version as well), and Hell's Kitchen. I cannot believe that one of my biggest celebrity crushes is here. I am really hoping to meet him while he is here.

That is the most exciting news in our little world right now. The kids are both doing well in school. Roo started tee ball. She is adorable as always.

On deck
Getting ready to hit
Headed for 1st

Boo has decided not to do baseball this year. He is too busy with after school clubs and the school play. He is going to be a Winkie and a Poppy in the school production of Oz. I will have plenty of pictures of that soon. He is also taking golf lessons again this summer.

Friday, November 9, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness- Catch up

I obviously suck at blogging daily. Today I am thankful for so much! I am so thankful for my children. They are the most amazing things in my life next to my husband. Boo is so smart. He reads and spells well above grade level. He is great at math. He is so logical. I am constantly amazed by the things  he says. Roo is the sweetest girl ever. She loves to cuddle and hug us. She also loves to draw pictures and is always making me new artwork. She loves to smile and make people laugh.

I am also thankful for my extended family. My MIL is wonderful. She loves me and treats me as her own daughter. After hearing some horror stories I consider myself extremely lucky to have her. I am thankful for my aunt. She is always there to support me and give me encouragement. I can turn to her with any problem and she will understand. I am also thankful for my cousin. Growing up we were more like sisters than cousins and we still are. I don't talk to her as much as I used to but when we talk it is for hours and it is like we never missed a day of talking.

I am thankful for my amazing friends T and J. We met through the school and it is great to have close friends with kids close in age to my own. T has helped kick my butt into better shape. Her encouragement is a lot of the reason why I was able to run the 5k in just over 33 minutes. J has been amazing when it comes to helping out with events. I can volunteer her for anything and she steps up to the plate in an amazing way. Both T and J are great listeners and are always there when I need to vent.

Friday, November 2, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness- Day Two

I am thankful for my husband. I may no always express it the best way but I am amazingly thankful for my husband. We have had some difficult times and have come very close to divorce more than once. I am so thankful we decided to work on our marriage instead of throwing it out. He is my rock and is always there when I need him. We fight and have our issues but he has my back and I have his! I cannot imagine my life without him. I love you so much honey! You are the center of my world and I don't tell you that enough.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness- Day One

I am going to commit to one blog a day for the month of November to express my thankfulness. I, like many others, often get distracted by what I don't have or what is going wrong. I am going to try to take a few minutes to focus on all the things going right.

So for day one I am thankful for God's grace. Without it I would be lost and floundering. God has shown me grace when I have been at my lowest points. Whenever I start to doubt or wallow in self-pity I look at all the blessings God has given me and the grace he has extended to me. I am trying to practice extending that grace to others.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lots of pretty sparkles.

First off, the results are in on the 5k. I ran it in 33:33 with a pace of 10:52. My running partner ran it in 24:21 with a pace of 7:52. She is seriously a rock star and took first for her age division. Another friend of mine ran it in just over 22 minutes and took 2nd for our division.

In more fun news my nails look like disco balls. I painted them with Sinful Colors Smokin' which is an amazing dark gray. I love that color but I just was not feeling it today. I decided to go for fun and layer several coats of Sally Hansen Ice Queen on top and the results are amazing. Ice Queen is a great holographic glitter polish with medium blue and silver hexagonal glitter mixed in. The pictures don't even do the polish justice. It is impossible to get all the amazing colors in the holo. I will try to get a picture outside tomorrow to see if that helps.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

It is 5k time!

I have been having one of those weeks so far. The head gasket went in my Jeep, I ran out of propane when I went to cook dinner, I am PMS'ing, etc. But today none of that matters. Today is 5k day. I will be taking J's big beast of a truck, forgetting my PMS, and not worry about dinner. I have more important things to worry about like the big hill at the start of the race and whether my running partner will make it. This is the day I have been looking forward to and dreading since I ran it last year. The goal is to run it faster this year than I did last year. Last year it took me almost 45 minutes but I did jog the whole thing. This year my goal is somewhere around 35 minutes. Shaving 10 minutes off my speed would be an amazing accomplishment and I have been working hard to get there all summer.

Yes, that is the beast of a truck in the background. I am wearing my "I run like a girl" headband from Bondibands. They are seriously amazing. If you are an exerciser I would recommend one. Not having to wipe sweat from your eyes while running is such a treat.