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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

All things girly (or at least American Girly)!

I love having a little girl. There is just something about having a girl to share girly things. I just get her! The last few years she has really been into American Girls. Last year for Christmas she got Saige. Two years ago she got Jess and Kaya. I have been sewing a ton of clothes for her lately. Thankfully, Jess and Kaya have been willing to model them for me.

The reversible wrap skirt, modeled by Jess:

 The wrap skirt is a great free pattern. This blog has some great advice on making the skirt and also have a link to the free pattern on Craftsy. The skirt is super easy and even a beginner sewer would have no issue. The hardest part was making sure I had the velcro lined up correctly.

 Jeans and t-shirts, modeled by Kaya:

The jeans and shirt pattern are from Liberty Jane. Every Friday they have a free pattern and they also have several that are always free. The first shirt is from the free Trendy t-shirt pattern. The second is using the t-shirt variations pack using the 3/4 length sleeve. I am going to have to cut the sleeves a bit shorter next time because they ended up more like long sleeves. I like the pattern but hemming the neckline and setting the sleeves are really fussy. If you get the variation pack there is a way to add a neckband which would probably be much easier.

The jeans are pretty easy. When I first read the pattern it was confusing. The best thing to do is to just start sewing. Some things are clearer once the previous steps have been finished. They actually have usable pockets. One of my back pockets ended up bigger than the other when it was all said and done and something is a bit wonky about the waist but overall I am happy.

The last thing to share is the cute cut outs I put up in Bianca's room. I actually found them at Dollar Tree. There is a weird shadow on Tinkerbell in the photo. The words say "A dream is a wish the heart makes".

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