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Sunday, December 14, 2008

We survived the storm.

Sorry for the recent lack of posts. We did manage to survive the ice storm without too many problems. Our power was back on about 24 hours after it went off. Many in our area won't have any power until Wed or later.

I will have a new post in the next few days.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Late nights & sex toy parties

So I finally got some alone time last night. I used it to go to a sex toy party my friend was throwing. Imagine 20 or so women in a room with someone selling sex toys & lots of available alcohol.

Yes, it was that good & my friend has the pictures to prove it. Said friend also posted them on-line for everyone's viewing enjoyment. I am sure I have some ex-boyfriends now wondering why they dumped me.

It was a blast. The pics are great. I know what I am getting Jay for Christmas. I recommend that anyone who needs a break from kids either host or go to one of these parties. You could even do it co-ed if you were really brave & had a lot of alcohol.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wishing for #3

Have you ever wanted something so bad but just knew that it couldn't be? This is how I feel about having a third child. In my mind I know it isn't logical. We are already stretched thin money-wise, really don't have the space, we are already stressed & Jay doesn't want another child but my heart is aching for just one more.

I keep coming up with ways it will work. One isn't that much more expensive since we cloth diaper & I breastfeed. I still have Jimmy & Bianca's baby stuff. We could add on since the apartment we rent belongs to my Gram.

I just have this empty space in my heart that is crying for just one more baby to love & snuggle. For some reason my family just doesn't feel complete to me. It is like there is someone hiding in my future just waiting to come out in the present. I know that Jay may change his mind in the future but until then I will just feel like there is someone that should be here & isn't.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Worst way to wash a cat

Jimmy found the official worst way to wash a cat this morning. He stuck said cat in the toilet. This incident lead to a wet cat, flooded bathroom, Bianca crying because she got scratched & me yelling at him to go to his room. Seriously, where do kid's come up with these ideas? The poor cat immediately ran out the door only to reappear an hour later with his fur frozen.