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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Late nights & sex toy parties

So I finally got some alone time last night. I used it to go to a sex toy party my friend was throwing. Imagine 20 or so women in a room with someone selling sex toys & lots of available alcohol.

Yes, it was that good & my friend has the pictures to prove it. Said friend also posted them on-line for everyone's viewing enjoyment. I am sure I have some ex-boyfriends now wondering why they dumped me.

It was a blast. The pics are great. I know what I am getting Jay for Christmas. I recommend that anyone who needs a break from kids either host or go to one of these parties. You could even do it co-ed if you were really brave & had a lot of alcohol.

1 comment:

*Brianna* said...

I LOVE those parties! Nothing like sex toys to make for a fun night!

Glad you got some you time.