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Sunday, August 21, 2011

A new start to the school year, a career change, and an injury

It has been a busy summer and now it is almost over. The kids start school on the 30th. Jimmy will be in 1st grade and Bianca will be in preschool. Her preschool is five days a week. That means my career will be changing from a stay at home mom to something else. What else I am not sure of yet. I have been looking into part-time housekeeping jobs because they are flexible. I need something that leaves me free to drop off and pick up the kids and take Fridays off since Bianca only goes until 12 on Friday. Jay is also changing careers. The tile business has been slow so he picked up a job doing bell/valet for the ski mountain. Between his wage and the tips he should be making good money plus the hours allow him to still do flooring. 

Now the injury. I sprained my ankle playing kickball. I was running to 1st base and Jay was trying to get me out. When I hit the base my ankle rolled and I felt a pop. I went for x-rays and luckily nothing is broken. This really stinks because I was about to finish week 5 of C25K. Now I am not sure I will be done by Oct 1st when the 5K starts. I may try running tonight to see how it feels but the ankle is still pretty swollen.