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Sunday, December 14, 2008

We survived the storm.

Sorry for the recent lack of posts. We did manage to survive the ice storm without too many problems. Our power was back on about 24 hours after it went off. Many in our area won't have any power until Wed or later.

I will have a new post in the next few days.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Late nights & sex toy parties

So I finally got some alone time last night. I used it to go to a sex toy party my friend was throwing. Imagine 20 or so women in a room with someone selling sex toys & lots of available alcohol.

Yes, it was that good & my friend has the pictures to prove it. Said friend also posted them on-line for everyone's viewing enjoyment. I am sure I have some ex-boyfriends now wondering why they dumped me.

It was a blast. The pics are great. I know what I am getting Jay for Christmas. I recommend that anyone who needs a break from kids either host or go to one of these parties. You could even do it co-ed if you were really brave & had a lot of alcohol.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wishing for #3

Have you ever wanted something so bad but just knew that it couldn't be? This is how I feel about having a third child. In my mind I know it isn't logical. We are already stretched thin money-wise, really don't have the space, we are already stressed & Jay doesn't want another child but my heart is aching for just one more.

I keep coming up with ways it will work. One isn't that much more expensive since we cloth diaper & I breastfeed. I still have Jimmy & Bianca's baby stuff. We could add on since the apartment we rent belongs to my Gram.

I just have this empty space in my heart that is crying for just one more baby to love & snuggle. For some reason my family just doesn't feel complete to me. It is like there is someone hiding in my future just waiting to come out in the present. I know that Jay may change his mind in the future but until then I will just feel like there is someone that should be here & isn't.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Worst way to wash a cat

Jimmy found the official worst way to wash a cat this morning. He stuck said cat in the toilet. This incident lead to a wet cat, flooded bathroom, Bianca crying because she got scratched & me yelling at him to go to his room. Seriously, where do kid's come up with these ideas? The poor cat immediately ran out the door only to reappear an hour later with his fur frozen.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Kids for sale! Cheap!!!

I am ready to hand my kids over to the next random person that knocks on the door. They have been off the wall all day. It doesn't help that Jay is hunting for the 13th day in a row so I haven't had a break. To top it off I made cranberry bread & Jimmy got on the counter & ate the last 1/2 loaf. I almost exploded! The only things out of Bianca's mouth all day long is "No, my don't want to Mommy."

So they are both in bed now for bad behavior & mommy is thinking of having a bottle of Excedrin with a cocktail chaser.

Friday, November 28, 2008

It is finally over!

Thanksgiving that is. Don't get me wrong. I love the holiday itself. I just hate the hell of putting my entire family in one house for 6 hours. The Walton's we are not! Between snarky comments, pouting & hiding to avoid everyone you would have thought we were all 16.

The biggest drama queen award goes to my sister. She spent the afternoon pouting, hiding & sighing while refusing to eat. Apparently she was mad we commented on the fact she thought waking her 3 week old baby up every time he tried to sleep during the day so he would sleep all night was a bad idea or as I put it child abuse. We were supposed to applaud her for this ingenious idea. Too bad we have all had kids & know what a really fucking stupid idea this is.

The snarkiest comment was from me. A little background here. My mom is a slob *this is putting it mildly*. We just moved into her old apartment above my grandmother's house when she moved in with her boyfriend & had to take out 97 bags of trash. This was after her boyfriend had already taken a box truck full out of garbage out & she had moved all her prize possessions. The floors all had to be replaced & everything had to be painted with Killz before we could repaint. We also had to buy a new stove since she wreaked the old one.

Anyway as we were cleaning the table my mom says she isn't used to cleaning anymore since her boyfriend does it all. I quietly replied to my aunt & cousin's wife "Since when was she ever used to cleaning." Snarky, yes. Well deserved, you betcha!

Best hiding once again goes to my lovely husband & uncle who as soon as they finished their meal ran out the door to go hunting. This effectively got them out of clean up & kid duty. I have suggested for next year my aunt, grandma, & I get hunting licenses & run out the door before they do but I am afraid they would shoot us in their deer frenzy.

I am glad we go to the in-laws for Christmas. It will be my MIL, her boyfriend & her 3 younger sons. My SIL & her boyfriend may drop in with my niece for a few minutes too. There is almost no drama & my MIL refuses to let anyone clean up or cook in her kitchen. I actually get to relax for a holiday.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Places I love

I am a member of a bunch of on-line communities. Most I rarely visit. There are a few that I am obsessively addicted to. I love these places & blog stalk people from them. I feel like I have made great friends. What are these site you ask? I will tell you.

One of the places I have posted the longest is the old Babycenter. While there I usually hang out on the Bargain Hunters board. Sadly the place is set to blow up Dec. 14 for the new Babycenter format. I am not loving it so much so I have been searching for a new home. First I tried the new Bargain Hunters board at yuku. It just didn't fit. I then checked Syber Moms. It is a great forum to blow off steam but I don't see a whole lot of support. I was digging Cafe Mom for a while but the format just isn't what I am looking for. I love Ravelry but it isn't really a parenting or support forum. It is my crafty outlet though.

So I have finally found my new home. A great friend of mine from the March 05 babycenter board started her own forum. It was designed as a refuge from pregnancy.org were she used to be a host & a lot of shit went down. Where is this magical place? It is called the Mamas. OMG I love it. It has most of the features of the old Babycenter without censorship. The posters rock & Jenn & Jamie do a great job running it. Come on over & visit us. New posters are always welcomed.

So damn tired.

By now I should knew better than to stay up until almost 2am reading drama on the Bargain Hunters board. Every time I do this the kids decide that waking up at 5am is a great idea. Coffee is my lifeline this morning.

Monday, November 24, 2008

The witching hour

I now love this hour before dinner. It used to be the hour Jimmy was cranky, Bianca was screaming, Jay was tuning it all out to the TV & I was trying to make dinner. Now that they are older it is the hour I cook dinner & can catch a few minutes to browse the interwebz, Jay reads a book to Jimmy & Bianca & everyone just unwinds.

The kids & my room

What the heck is the fascination with my room? Seriously! Since most of our stuff is still in storage from the move, which is a whole different vent, it only has a bed, dresser & lots of laundry but the kids will not stay out. Jimmy's room is full of toys & the TV is on Play House Disney in the living room yet I have had to go get the kid's out of my damn room 8 times this morning. Why the hell can I not have one place that is just mine?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

This is my life

I am starting this blog to hopefully keep what is left of my sanity. I am a stay at home mom to 2 kids. Jimmy is 3 & Bianca is 2. I also watch my 7 month old niece, Shy. I am married to Jay. In my almost non-existent free time I knit, crochet & read. Since I am a complete masochist I decided that I also needed to start a blog.

Sometimes names in this blog will be changed to protect the idiots but most of the time I won't bother. You can also expect some pictures of knitty goodness *thanks to Boodi for that term*, gratuitous pics of monsters & some bitching about Jay or website drama. I will try to post here at least a few times a week depending on whether or not the kids are holding me hostage.