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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Places I love

I am a member of a bunch of on-line communities. Most I rarely visit. There are a few that I am obsessively addicted to. I love these places & blog stalk people from them. I feel like I have made great friends. What are these site you ask? I will tell you.

One of the places I have posted the longest is the old Babycenter. While there I usually hang out on the Bargain Hunters board. Sadly the place is set to blow up Dec. 14 for the new Babycenter format. I am not loving it so much so I have been searching for a new home. First I tried the new Bargain Hunters board at yuku. It just didn't fit. I then checked Syber Moms. It is a great forum to blow off steam but I don't see a whole lot of support. I was digging Cafe Mom for a while but the format just isn't what I am looking for. I love Ravelry but it isn't really a parenting or support forum. It is my crafty outlet though.

So I have finally found my new home. A great friend of mine from the March 05 babycenter board started her own forum. It was designed as a refuge from pregnancy.org were she used to be a host & a lot of shit went down. Where is this magical place? It is called the Mamas. OMG I love it. It has most of the features of the old Babycenter without censorship. The posters rock & Jenn & Jamie do a great job running it. Come on over & visit us. New posters are always welcomed.


Staci said...

I am going to go through some major withdrawls when the bargain board is no more.... I will have to check out the sites you mentioned!

Mom_2_Boo_and_Roo said...

The mamas is seriously the best site I have been to in a long time. It has the thread memory so you can start where you left off, you can use signatures, it marks which threads you post on not to mention the women there are awesome.

Melissa said...

Yay for The Mamas!! :)

Maggie May said...

I am going to have to check those out. I am going to have withdrawls from the BHB also. Thanks for the recommendations.