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Friday, November 28, 2008

It is finally over!

Thanksgiving that is. Don't get me wrong. I love the holiday itself. I just hate the hell of putting my entire family in one house for 6 hours. The Walton's we are not! Between snarky comments, pouting & hiding to avoid everyone you would have thought we were all 16.

The biggest drama queen award goes to my sister. She spent the afternoon pouting, hiding & sighing while refusing to eat. Apparently she was mad we commented on the fact she thought waking her 3 week old baby up every time he tried to sleep during the day so he would sleep all night was a bad idea or as I put it child abuse. We were supposed to applaud her for this ingenious idea. Too bad we have all had kids & know what a really fucking stupid idea this is.

The snarkiest comment was from me. A little background here. My mom is a slob *this is putting it mildly*. We just moved into her old apartment above my grandmother's house when she moved in with her boyfriend & had to take out 97 bags of trash. This was after her boyfriend had already taken a box truck full out of garbage out & she had moved all her prize possessions. The floors all had to be replaced & everything had to be painted with Killz before we could repaint. We also had to buy a new stove since she wreaked the old one.

Anyway as we were cleaning the table my mom says she isn't used to cleaning anymore since her boyfriend does it all. I quietly replied to my aunt & cousin's wife "Since when was she ever used to cleaning." Snarky, yes. Well deserved, you betcha!

Best hiding once again goes to my lovely husband & uncle who as soon as they finished their meal ran out the door to go hunting. This effectively got them out of clean up & kid duty. I have suggested for next year my aunt, grandma, & I get hunting licenses & run out the door before they do but I am afraid they would shoot us in their deer frenzy.

I am glad we go to the in-laws for Christmas. It will be my MIL, her boyfriend & her 3 younger sons. My SIL & her boyfriend may drop in with my niece for a few minutes too. There is almost no drama & my MIL refuses to let anyone clean up or cook in her kitchen. I actually get to relax for a holiday.


Anonymous said...

Sam- you are funny!

Mom_2_Boo_and_Roo said...

The sad part is it is all true!

Staci said...

I was so glad to spend Thanksgiving with just my husband and kids. I was in NO mood for family crap!

Mom_2_Boo_and_Roo said...

I would do that for next year but we go my MIL's next year & she rocks. Maybe we will start the tradition the year after!