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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Perfect parenting rant

So apparently there is a perfect way to parent children. It works across the board for every child. Now the funny thing is that no one can tell me how to be this perfect parent. I have heard plenty of people told that they aren't following the perfect parenting rules.

To be a perfect parent you must keep your child away from every danger real or imagined but can't hover or be a helicopter parent.

You must have perfectly behaved children but never punish them or embarrass them. They must have perfect manners and listen to you immediately every time.

Your child must never wear light-up shoes, character clothing or things that don't match but they should also be allowed to pick out their own clothing and have things that other children are wearing.

Your child must be perfectly groomed at all times, bath everyday and never have a speck of dust on them yet still be allowed to play outside in the mud since that helps their creativity.

Your house must be spotless at all times but you must spend all your time and energy on playing with your child.

Sorry but to me this whole perfect parenting crap sounds just like that: crap. I am an imperfect parent but then again my kids are imperfect kids. We all have times where we yell, lose our tempers or let something slide to avoid a fight. I am glad my kids can see that I am not perfect that way when they aren't perfect they can realize it is ok to just be your best even if it isn't perfect. I have had to apologize to my kids on occasion for losing my temper. There are times when I just don't have time to read "Green Eggs and Ham" for the tenth time in a row since I need to do dishes or laundry. I have been known to yell. From now on my goal is to be the best parent I can be: an imperfect one.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm back

We have been without internet for the past 2 months. I am now back but on dial-up for now. It all has to do with the stupid conversion of Verizon to Fairpoint. I called to order DSL from Fairpoint and was supposed to have it almost 2 months ago. I cancelled my cable service since I was getting DSL and didn't want to be charged for another month. That was my big mistake. It has now been 6 weeks of being on hold 45 minutes every few days trying to find out what is going on with my order. I will say the Fairpoint reps are the nicest most helpful people out there with a few exceptions of course.

Other than that life has been fairly normal. Jay was offered a job at Wal-mart plus calls for tile have started rolling in. This is good since he just bought a Supra that needs a new motor and another motorcycle. One of these days when he comes home and tells me this stuff I am going to explode.

The kids are getting bigger. Jimmy had his 4th b-day. He is doing better in preschool. Bianca has had a language explosion and now you can't shut her up. She is super bossy lately. She tries to send Jimmy to his room anytime he makes her mad.

I have somehow managed to keep my weight steady even without tracking calories. I am glad I can track again though. I really need to loose!