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Monday, November 23, 2009


So project Knit Christmas is going fairly well. I am working on the Rachel's Knitting Room November dishcloth. She has some great monthly knit alongs. I think we are getting close to the end since I have decreased down to 11 stitches.

I also got one of the coffee cup dish cloths done. It is hard to see the image in the picture but it came out really cute.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nail polish giveaway

Smoochiefrog over at Manicure Mamas is giving away a great OPI nail polish set. I am in love with the berry color. If you don't polish your nails it would make a great gift for someone who does.

Back to knitting

I have been feeling like something is missing lately. Just a vague, nagging feeling that something is not right. Then I realized I didn't have a project on my needles. It is either that or babyfever, but since Jay is not on board with one more yet I am going with the knitting.

I have decided to knit my way to Christmas. I have stocked up on a ton of cute cotton yarn, and everyone is getting a nice dishtowel/potholder and dish cloth set. I have an awesome pattern that is not too complicated but is visually interesting (Thanks to Rachel's November KAL). I will take some pictures as I go along.

If you are a family member you may be getting a sneak peek at your Christmas gift, so if you want a surprise don't read any future posts that have Christmas spoiler in the title.