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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Back to knitting

I have been feeling like something is missing lately. Just a vague, nagging feeling that something is not right. Then I realized I didn't have a project on my needles. It is either that or babyfever, but since Jay is not on board with one more yet I am going with the knitting.

I have decided to knit my way to Christmas. I have stocked up on a ton of cute cotton yarn, and everyone is getting a nice dishtowel/potholder and dish cloth set. I have an awesome pattern that is not too complicated but is visually interesting (Thanks to Rachel's November KAL). I will take some pictures as I go along.

If you are a family member you may be getting a sneak peek at your Christmas gift, so if you want a surprise don't read any future posts that have Christmas spoiler in the title.

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