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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The fair was in town

Summer is officially almost over. The Farmer's Day Fair was held this past weekend. A week earlier than usual but it still signifies the end of summer. We went on opening night to eat lots of really yummy food, let the kids explore the midway, and to see all our friends. Jimmy promptly found his best friend and took off. He is getting too big. The kids won some prizes at the games and Bianca surprised us all by winning a large stuffed dragon at a dart game. Who knew she had such good aim?

Bianca and I ended up wandering down to the fair again on Saturday for the horse show and so I could see the craft fair. Bianca has been obsessed with horses lately and I am going to have to call about some lessons for her. I was hoping this obsession would blow over but it has only gotten stronger. We watched some of the English walk/trot classes and then wandered over to the horse pull. Several sweet horse owners let Bianca pet their animals.

Then we wandered up to the craft fair. Before I even got in the building I had bought a jar of caramel sauce and two marble painted fat quarters. Bianca also got to marble paint a small piece of fabric. I found out from the vendor what paint they use and I may have to order some and give it a try. The results are beautiful.

Once inside, there were booths offering jewelery, cupcakes, hand knits, crotchet items, and hand carved furniture. Bianca tried her hand at paper making, made a river rock necklace and got a crochet beret that she hasn't taken off since I bought it. I think I may try out a booth next year. I have a feeling American Girl clothes will sell really well. We also looked through the contest entries. The quilt and needle work were amazing. I may enter some socks into the knit category next year and I think my picture of the deer in our yard will be going in the photography contest.

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