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Saturday, August 9, 2014

It's a twin

So Bianca has a bunch of friends but her two best friends just happen to share her love of American Girl dolls. What is a crafty mom to do but make some skirts that match for all the girls' dolls. Unfortunately, I realized I didn't have quite enough of this fabric to make three skirts, although two skirts out of two fat quarters isn't bad. So one of Bianca's friends will get this skirt:

Purple side of skirt

Green side of skirt

The other will be getting a skirt made of these two fabrics. Please excuse the cat hair on the close ups and the cat on the iron board; I still need to wash the fabric:

Fabric 1

Fabric 2

Both fabrics together

I am a bit obsessed with the blue/green combo lately. Luckily, Bianca is happy with any doll clothing. Although, she really fell in love with some purple and pink batiks at our local quilt shop. So you may see some of those in the future.

There are a few things I learned making this skirt a second time. First, read the directions again. Even if it is a really simple pattern and you think you know what you are doing. If you don't you may (like me) sew the skirt together before adding the velcro. If you do there are two options, you can cheat and just sew it on even though the stitches will show on the outside or you can pick out the entire seam while swearing at yourself, attach the velcro and then resew the seam. In case you didn't guess I chose the second option.

The second thing I learned actually made my life easier. As I was trying to mark where the velcro goes I had an epiphany. If I cut out the area on the pattern where the velcro goes I could just mark the area as I marked the pattern. Just make sure you make your marks on the right side of the pattern since that is where the velcro gets attached.

Pattern on fabric

Close-up of velcro area

Once I get the next two skirts done, I think I may make the girls matching shirts for their dolls. I think I may also look for a way to modify the pattern to make a girl's skirt.

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