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Saturday, June 20, 2009

All things girly

So I have never been a girly girl. Don't get me wrong. I love pink and flowers but to the outside world I am more of a tomboy. I am going to try and make a bit of a new start. I have always wished I was one of those girls with the perfect nails and hair. The ones that wear make-up everyday and just looked pulled together. The ones with entire collections of shoes and purses. Instead I am the one in track pants with my hair in a pony-tail who constantly bites her nails. The one whose shoe collection consists of a pair of sneakers, a pair of sandals and a pair of crocs. I have a few purses but none are very pretty or stylish with the exception of the berry colored one my g-ma just got me. (Thanks Gram!)

So as soon as I have a few extra dollars I am going to get some pretty nail polish, a few new pairs of shoes and a new purse (and thanks to the bargain hunters board I know just the one. In fact I may even get the giraffe and zebra print.). I am going to actually start wearing some of the make -up I own and doing my hair. Here is to the new girly me! My outside is going to start matching my inside. Wish me luck girls! Now I just need to get a handle on the nail biting.

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