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Saturday, January 2, 2010


Time always seems to fly around the holidays. Everyone loved the gifts I knit for them. I definitely doing something similar next year! I am thinking socks though. Nothing like some nice hand knit socks to keep your feet comfortable.

The kids got completely spoiled. Bianca ended up with almost all the Strawberry Shortcake play sets and had played with nothing else. Jimmy got several cars and building block sets. He loves building things. He is really good at it too. He used some of my old Legos and made a really cool horse and cart from looking at a picture.

I got a nice locket from Jay and the kids, an ipod, a gift card for Applebees, and some new sheets and towels. Jay is also working on getting me a spinning wheel. I am super excited! I am already dreaming of spinning and dying some wool for socks.

Jimmy and I are both back to school Monday. It seems like these two weeks have flown. I am getting a head start on all my reading and assignments. Only 3 weeks left and then on to two new classes. I can't believe I am almost through a full year of school.

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