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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saying goodbye to carbs

I need to get into shape for summer and I have decided that means saying goodbye to carbs. Not all carbs, just bread, pasta, potatoes, rice. The ones that taste good. I have basically gone primal. So far it has been working other than the fact I really miss Jalapeno Cheddar Combos. Those things are addicting. I have also been running again now that it is getting warmer. Spring is finally coming to VT. We had one week that was beautiful then two weeks of cold and now it is warming up again. 

Now that spring is here I need to start my garden. I have a bunch of seeds and a starter tray so we will see how this goes. I do not have a green thumb. Both of my grandparents were great gardeners but I cannot keep plants alive to save my life. If there is ever a zombie apocalypse and we have to rely on my growing food and Jay's hunting our family will starve. 

Sadly, I have stalled on the craftiness. I need to start some projects for my cousin's baby but I just haven't yet. I am making him an adorable teddy bear sweater, a taggie toy, and a snugglely toy. I may also make her a diaper bag. I love making baby stuff. I can finish it fast enough that I don't lose interest.

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