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Friday, April 8, 2011

The week in review

So, week one of weight watchers went really well. I lost 4lbs. I have a ton of energy because I am eating healthier. I am hoping to drop quite a bit by the time we move. I just have to stick to the plan.

I ordered Bianca her Easter dress. It should be here today. I cannot wait to try it on her. This is the first Easter dress I bought her. Gram always bought her Easter and Christmas outfits. She loved to get things for the kids. Ordering it was bittersweet. I should also be getting  the material to make Bianca tutu. She is going to love it. I have been looking at pettieskirt material as well. I just don't have a lot of room for my sewing machine.

Jimmy has decided I cannot walk him up to school anymore. I have to drop him off at the bottom of the hill. He always looks back to make sure I am watching when he gets to the top. He isn't quite as big as he pretends to be.

Jay and I are starting to get ready for the move. He has a few jobs to finish up here but he should be heading down in May. I am nervous and excited all at once. I cannot wait to move but I am praying Jay finds a good job and apartment. I know that God will provide for us though. I just need to keep faith.

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