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Monday, February 27, 2012

Getting creative

This post is about what happens when McCalls emails you telling you that they are having a huge pattern sale. It was a great sale. All their patterns were $1.99. So I decided to browse the American Girl sized patterns and I bought them. Not all of them but quite a few.

A few of my goodies

More of them plus a Simplicity pattern I got somewhere
Unfortunately, my fabric stash is sorely lacking. I do have some nice hot pink corduroy I just picked up. I also picked up some teal knit and denim. I have a small stash of other fabrics mostly woven cotton and some flannel. Now I just need to figure out where to start. I want to start with all of it. I know that I will have to make most of the outfits for Bianca's three dolls. She thinks that they need lots of choices. I am thinking that some pjs, a pair or two of jeans, and some tops will be a good start. Of course, I also have to make Bianca a few summer skirts and may make them matching skirts.

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